Downloading Papers At Home

Dear Group Members,
I just want to draw your attention – specially new PhD students – to a useful point: You can download as many papers from your home as you want if you have a university contract.
You can make the following test:
To download an APL for example, you have to look for the editor’s name – « American Institute of Physics (AIP) « in this case –  in this page:
and click on « 
accès distant »
Then you login with « 1st_name.last_name » and enter your adonis password (the same one as for your email box). I’m sure that now, you’ll find your way to it… !! 🙂
The good thing is that the authentication is required only the first time if you just open a tab on the same browser (don’t close it). However, if you want a paper in a journal belonging to another’s editor, you’ll have to go to it through the same webpage, but if you didn’t close the browser, you won’t need any authentication.

I hope this will help you.

All the best,

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