Comics meeting 10/02/2014

* News : Hung is back !  New thesis proposal about Ge nanowires

* Presentation by Mai chung on strained graphene

Presents : Damien, Michele, Mai Chung, Su Li, Sébastien G., Adrien, Jérôme L., Philippe, Hung, Jérôme SM, Arnaud.


Welcome back to Hung. Involved in graphene works, but also with topics related to silicon nanowires.

Jérôme had a virus on his PC…

Meeting for new people in IEF, about safety rules, on Thursday 13/2 morning. Mandatory! Michele not available.

July 15th to 25th, visit of a prof from Cornell, ex IBM, Sandip Tiwari. A class on computing…

Next deadline, JNRDM 2014: March 3rd… Adrien in progress.

IWCE 2014, 5 abstracts from abstract… And 1 from Vincent, with Philippe and Sylvie. 120 abstracts received.

Graphene 2014. Deadline for oral presentation today. Later for posters.

Minor correction for Hung’s paper about strained graphene.

Application of the group to graphene flagship, about spin transport.

A thesis subject written by Michele and Jérôme about nanowires, for doctoral school.

Mai Chung, electronic nanodevices based on graphene (pdf here)

Tight-binding + NEGF.

Bandgap for hBN/graphene? Still questionable. No experimental demonstration to verify the prediction.

Conduction gap -> direction dependence in strain junctions. a few % may generate a significant bandgap. Simulation: 300 meV for s = 4%. Due to strain-induced shift of the Dirac point. The junction is necessary.

An original way to show the bandgap at a function of strain and directions…

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