•Welcome :
–Jongyoon M2 Thermoelectrics properties of Ge nanowires by Monte Carlo simulation
–Soon: Duy, Huy viet, Rania
•Papers :
–Truong sent to APL : Large on/off current ratio in hybrid Graphene/BN nanoribbons by transverse electric field-induced control of bandgap
–Trang may be accepted (JAP) : New insights into self-heating in Double-Gate Transistors by solving Boltzmann transport equations
–SISPAD : Sebastien jolie papier
–invitation Philippe a ISGD-4, n Seattle, WA on September 21-26, 2014.
–EMRS 2015 à Lille et veut me proposer pour un papier invité / PHILIPPE.
–E-MRS 2014, 19-24 May, Lille, France, V
–Workshop CEFIPRA inde ?
–GDRI Graphene-Nanotubes will be held in Strasbourg, France, from September 21 to September 25, 2014
–12th Annual European Conference on Thermoelectricity (ECT2014) abstracts until 5th May 2014.
–Summer schools  Graphene GNT… feed back ??
•Project and funding
–project nandesign nanoharvesting OK 🙂
–project de FETopen « quantum comput » is under consideration
–LaSIPS : 4ème Appel à Projets Recherch
–Flagship labex…
•COLLAB :  Martin Claus, from Dresden
•Next Meeting  Monday  at 14h30 :  Who ? On what ? Truong + May Chung : feedback summer school graphenr
Presention Truong (.ppt here)

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