Réunion Comics 16/06/2014

Présents : Arnaud, Philippe, Rania, Mai Chung, Hung, Damien, Jérôme Saint-Martin, Su Li, Adrien, Truong, Duy (new intern student from USTH).


Duy is working on III-V MOSFET, following Florian’s intern. Huy Viet is expected very soon…

Damien is back from Australia, Philippe from Sicilia.


Flagship graphene NanoSaclay in progress. Discussion with ICMMO, LPS, CEA LEM on very well controlled nanomesh and QD. Merging with Talal Mallah project? Others? In parallel, flagship spintronics NanoSaclay…

Flagship graphene EU : phase 1 (scientific aspects) on graphene materials for spintronics OK, with LPS (Hélène Bouchiat), Ec. Polytechnique, ICMMO. While we were quite pessimistic. Next?? Political selection…

Call « attractivité 2015 » Univ. Paris-Sud for young researchers and their new activities→ July 11, 2014, cf. Michele.


Jérôme L (now in Doctoriales) has submitted a paper to « Nanoscale and microscale heat transfer IV », Oct. 1517 Lyon.

Annual meeting of the GDRI Graphene, Strasbourg, France, September 21-25. Abstracts due July 1st. Philippe will be in USA during this period.


Call of papers on transistors with steep subthreshold swing for low-poweer electronics, from IEEE Jiurnal of electron devices. Truong? Not interesting…

Revised JAP from Trang about self heating due to Wednesday June 18.

Next meetings

Monday, June 30 at 14h30, Hung…

Monday July 7 at 14h30 but who???

Picnic on July 4. Where???


Summer school on graphene in Cargèse! Organized by Annick Loiseau, Claire Berger, Didier Mayou and…

A lecture from Mildred S. Dresselhaus(MIT): stories of carbon material.

One from Didier Mayou (Grenoble) on electrical properties of graphene.

Many body effect by a guy from Berkeley, on GW theory and superlattices.

Quantum effects : Mark Oliver Goerbig (UPSud) on quantum Hall effect. Stephan Roche on Klein tunneling, symmetry-breaking effects… And his book!

Disorder effetcs by Hélène Bouchait (impurety scattering) and François Ducastelle (defect and doping).

Optoelectronics ad power conversion by a guy from Barcelona (ICFO).

Also experimental aspects: Raman spectroscopy, TEM, STM/STS, synthesis (CVD, modeling by Christophe Bichara from Marseille), hybrid structures, liquid form of CNT and graphene, applications (Richard Martel on FETs, Pierre Seneor on spintronics → STTMRAM, Alberto Bianco from Strasbourg on biomedical applications).

No CD, no hardcopy of slides! But information on a website, see Mai Chung.


•Welcome :
–Jongyoon M2 Thermoelectrics properties of Ge nanowires by Monte Carlo simulation
–Soon: Duy, Huy viet, Rania (?)
•Papers :
–Truong sent to APL : Large on/off current ratio in hybrid Graphene/BN nanoribbons by transverse electric field-induced control of bandgap
–Trang may be accepted (JAP) : New insights into self-heating in Double-Gate Transistors by solving Boltzmann transport equations
–SISPAD : Sebastien jolie papier
–invitation Philippe a ISGD-4, n Seattle, WA on September 21-26, 2014.
–EMRS 2015 à Lille et veut me proposer pour un papier invité / PHILIPPE.
–E-MRS 2014, 19-24 May, Lille, France, V
–Workshop CEFIPRA inde ?
–GDRI Graphene-Nanotubes will be held in Strasbourg, France, from September 21 to September 25, 2014
–12th Annual European Conference on Thermoelectricity (ECT2014) abstracts until 5th May 2014.
•Project and funding
–project nandesign nanoharvesting OK 🙂
–project de FETopen « quantum comput » is under consideration
–LaSIPS : 4ème Appel à Projets Recherch
–Flagship labex…
•COLLAB :  Martin Claus, from Dresden
•Next Meeting  Monday  at 14h30 :
–Summer schools  Graphene GNT : Truong + Mai Chung
• Presentation By truong (file here(.ppt here) )
Questions ?
H on edge
3D Poisson
F0 < 0 in G/BN 3b
3a Gap(E)  good sampling
4 : Gap€ up and down two gap in two nanowires shift by Field Effect + reduction of band gap by E
Quantum hall effect with edge states ?

Réunion Comics 02/10/2013

Bilan :

* News : Arrivée de Su Li, Nanoelec/C2N  meeting, NanoSaclay Nanoelec meeting, Proposition of project with… Hong Kong ? And Germany. On carbon based devices, Mai Chung will come in Orsay on 23 October. December 3th, HDR defence by Jérôme. GNM paper from Salim almost accepted by APL (minor revisions).

* Présentation de Truong : Eg(Eff) in graphene

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